Red RX-7 Custom Convertible

In 1987 I purchased a wrecked 1984 RX-7, roof and rear body destroyed beyond repair, but very low mileage and like new interior.  After finishing my house and shop to the point of being usable, I decided to build a custom convertible.  My friend Robert had a 1979 RX-7 rear clip and agreed to weld it on for me.  I then took it home, did the chassis reinforcement and began working on the top.  I used a Fiat Spyder top and a piece of the Fiat windshield frame.  My son Reid was just finishing high school and he helped me with the fabrication.  I needed a rear end with a trunk, and I rescued a derelict RX-2 sedan from scrap, complete with bumpers and tail lights. I even used the snap-on chrome rain gutter trim for the grille. Pieces of the RX-2 roof were used for a couple of the body panels, as seen in the video.  I will add a few photos later.


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